Develop healthy, life-long habits that will leave you looking, feeling and performing at your best.

Making healthy habits healthy diet exercise walking running enough sleep a lifestyle!

We are using the slow change method to make a lifelong impact in your life. Follow this day to day guide to develop your habit starting today. Don't do all at once. Follow the daily plan and ease into it. Bookmark this page and refer back when needed.

Prepared by: Dr. Kushairi Zuradi

Don't start doing the habit challenge yet.

Your first week of the program should be a slow start, and you’ll spend some time preparing your first habit and then starting as easily as possible.

Aim to achieve the habit six days of the week, with one day of rest each week.

Note: If you miss multiple days, that’s OK, just keep going and pick up where you left off – we’re not on a deadline.

Check out our upcoming challenges

Today I’d like you to check out our upcoming habit challenge. This is the habit we will be following for the next few weeks.

Task: Think about how this challenges can bring a positive, meaningful change for you.

  1. You are what you eat challenge
  2. Stop snacking challenge
  3. Protein is power challenge
  4. Eat your greens challenge
  5. Eat your carbs challenge
  6. Eat healthy fats challenge
  7. Eat real food challenge
  8. Bulletproof gut challenge

Don’t start on it yet, until day 6!

Today, consider your intention with this new habit.

Why are you doing it? Does this reason feel important to you, connected to one of your deeper purposes? Understand your reason and set an intention.

Now make a commitment to yourself – be all in, and vow not to let yourself down.

Task: Write this vow down somewhere you can see it each day, and honor yourself by sticking to this vow to your utmost ability.

as small as possible

We made a big vow, now we’re going to make the habit as small as possible. We’re not going to start yet, but today, I’d like you to consider how to make this habit as easy as possible once you get started.

Task: Can you cut it down to just a few minutes per day? For example, our first habit is recording what you eat. Can you say that for the first week or so, you’ll just try to do one minute or so?

You can of course expand this time once you get into a rhythm, but to start with, just consider how small you can make this habit.

space and time

Today, I’d like you to create a space to focus on the change you’re going to make.

Task: If this habit is to be a priority, you need to set aside some time. When will you do it? Figure out when is best for you.

Make this a priority and set aside at least 10 minutes to do this habit – even if you’re only going to do it for a minute to start with.

Consider this a sacred 10-minute space, which can’t be violated by checking things online or other busy work. During this time, you’ll only focus on your habit and these daily lessons. 

Heartbeat rhythm

 A trigger is something already in your routine that you’re going to tie the habit to.

A new habit, to become more automatic, must be bonded to a trigger. By repeating the trigger-habit sequence over and over, you create a heartbeat rhythm that becomes ingrained in your mind.

Task: So today, before you start the habit, find a trigger that you already do each day. If you don’t think you have a routine, you might write down everything you do in the morning and see if there’s something on that list that you do every day.

Some possibilities are morning coffee, opening your laptop, getting to work, taking a shower, brushing your teeth, breakfast, driving home, going to bed.

After you’ve picked a trigger, write out a reminder on a piece of paper and put it near where the trigger happens e.g., near the coffeemaker if the trigger is drinking coffee.

This reminder will be useful when you start doing the habit tomorrow.

today is the day you'll start!

To start, I’d like you to do what I call the Minimum Viable Habit – the smallest version of the habit, which doesn’t limit you to doing more, but is the bare minimum you need for success.

For the next week or so, do the habit right after your trigger.

But remember to keep it as simple as possible to overcome any resistance.

As you do your habit, try to mindfully enjoy it, and then congratulate yourself on sticking to your vow!

See you next week!

Try going through all the 6 steps and slowly adapt it in your life.

We’ll e-mail you with our 1st habit training guide: The you are what you eat challenge!

Bookmark this page for easy reference on your next few days.

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Stay healthy and see you next week!

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