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It is our main mission to see you live a healthier and happy life. We strive to provide you with the latest guides and information on healthy living and provide those information on various social media platforms and digital content.

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about Sihatologi

Sihatologi.com and its social media channel is an imprint of  Sihat Digital Media which is a company registered under SSM: RA0058342-D. 

This website is accredited with SSM Biztrust level 3.

Sihat which means healthy in Bahasa Malaysia refers to preventing diseases and living a happy life.

The suffix -ology from Ancient Greek which is -λογία (-logia) refers to a field of study.

Thus, sihatologi refers to the study of being healthy – knowledge that everyone surely need!

Dr. Kushairi


admin // managing director

kushairi zuradi

As a medical officer in Rehabilitation Medicine, I saw many of my patients being affected by complications of chronic diseases such as stroke and amputations. I believe by educating the public on living a healthier life, we could prevent more people to ever face such consequences.


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