Sihat means Health in Malay Language. Lets be Sihat together by eating healthier!

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Beside recipes, we also provide weekly meal plans complete with its own detailed shopping list.

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A guide to a healthier you

All recipe comes with a complete ingredient list, step by step guide, meal plan, shopping list and a complete nutritional information per serving.

You ever feel like eating healthy is HARD?

Main problem; we do not know what to cook! Second problem, healthy meal subscription or ordering from a ‘healthy restaurant’ is definitely expensive! 


Just follow the guides in our cookbook!

Anybody can have a delicious, fresh, vibrant, colorful and healthy meal at home. It is so easy anybody can prepare it. Including you, yes, YOU!

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It is made from healthy ingredients, just take 10 mins to make. Packs in 14g of protein per serving!

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High Protein Recipes
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Greetings everyone! I’m a medical officer working in Rehabilitation Medicine. I am also a certified fitness coach and nutritionist. It has always been a passion of mine to eat more whole foods at home in order to become healthier, fitter and stronger. Living in our present world, we have to admit that it is quite hard to do so. That is why I have found that when we have a set of familiar, easy and delicious recipes in hand together with a well placed plan, it does really help us getting through this journey easier.

All recipes provided here are designed by our consultants to give you the best tasty and healthy recipes.

We provide a 14 days 100% money back guarantee if the e-book is not as we have described it to be. For first time purchase only.

To ensure security for our online transaction, our payment processing platform is handled by Stripe; a certified PCI service provider level 1.

All these effort is to ensure you receive the best product and service from us so that you don’t have to worry about anything and focus on yourself.

If you have any issues or question, contact me directly by email at kushairi@sihatologi.com

Dr. K. Zu

sihatologi.com / sihat digital media

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Why? Because our mission is to help anyone looking to eat better and become healthier. If this person is you, wait no more. Grab all this awesome guides now!

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