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I have purchased your e-book, where can I download them?

1)Download From Thank you page

After completing the checkout and payment process, you will be directed to our ‘Thank You’ page as below.

You can download your e-book by clicking the purple button which is located at the right column in the Downloads table.

2) Download from e-mail

At the same time, an invoice e-mail is automatically sent to your registered e-mail address following a successful purchase.

Your e-book file is also provided in that e-mail.

Click on the link inside the ‘Download’ column as above to download your e-book file.

3) Download from your account dashboard

Once you made a purchase using our website (excluding manual transfers and purchase from Yezza Store through whatsapp) an account will be automatically made for you.

You can access all your download links and subscription info from your dashboard.

Login to your account and you’ll see the following view from your dashboard.

Click on the ‘downloads’ link from your left screen and you’ll see the following page:

Click on the purple button to download your purchased e-book.

I cannot login to my account

Your dashboard

Immediately after purchase of any e-book from our site, you’ll be directed to your account dashboard where you can edit your profile and access your purchased e-book.


If you logged out from our website after purchase, you’ll be prompted to log-in again as seen below.

Sihatologi.com is powered by WordPress. There are millions of users that interacts with websites built with WordPress.com platform.

Therefore, to make log-in process to our website a secure and easy experience, Sihatologi.com uses the WordPress.com secure sign on feature where by using the same log-in credentials you use for WordPress.com, you’ll be able to register for and sign in to self-hosted WordPress.org sites quickly and securely.

Logging in for the first time

For users who do not have an active WordPress account, you’ll noticed that you’ll receive a prompt that your e-mail details do not exist.

If you already have a WordPress account, log-in to that account with your WordPress credentials and it will be associated with your Sihatologi.com account. Once logged in, you’ll see an option to log-in to Sihatologi.com with your WordPress account.

If you do not have a WordPress account before, simply click the ‘create a new account’ link where you’ll be directed to a simple registration process.

Do note that this is your WordPress credentials which you can use later on in any WordPress hosted websites or on your own.

For first time user, you’ll need to verify your email address that you use for registration.

Click on the ‘Confirm Now’ button to activate your account.

Once activated, you’ll have the option to login to Sihatologi.com using your WordPress account now. Click on the log in button.

You’ll then be directed to our dashboard account as seen below.

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