Habit Transformation Challenge: Your 6th Habit

Eat Real Food Challenge

Prepared by: Dr. Kushairi Zuradi


We are using the slow change method to make a lifelong impact in your life. Follow this habit transformation basics first prior to starting your challenges.

This is our second habit challenge – to stop ourselves from snacking.

Haven’t started your first challenge yet? Start here first. Then slowly go through the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th challenges.

Overeating, along with the consumption of over-processed foods, is ruining people’s health.

This habit challenge encourages you to increase your frequency of eating healthy single-ingredient foods while reducing unnecessary processed ones.

Habit Challenge: Eat single ingredient foods

I challenge you to eat mostly real food i.e. swapping processed foods for single-ingredient foods.

The type of food you eat will have a massive impact on your end results.

Overeating, along with the consumption of over-processed foods, is ruining people’s health.

Many processed foods are packed with sugars, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and other man-made chemicals. Nobody feels good eating this stuff.

Making the correct food choices is a must if you want to support your goals. This habit challenge will show you the benefits of single ingredient foods.

Making it yours

How Can I Personalize This Habit?

Choose where your current biggest pitfall with this habit may currently lie.

Are you eating a lot of processed meals or foods? If so, which ones in particular? And are you doing this on a weekday or weekend, or both?

Think about what area needs your focus and attention the most to help you add more single ingredient foods to your diet, and put some small changes into place to make it a success

How Can I Make This Habit Easy?

The first step is to scale the habit to something you are 90-100% confident you can do for 6 days of the week. You might want to start with eating a 100% single ingredient breakfast (or lunch or dinner), or focus on specific foods you always eat e.g. replace snacks like crisps for an apple.

Note: The goal here is not to eat only single ingredient foods 100% of the time. To help you get this balance right is to follow the 90% rule. So for every 10 single ingredient foods you eat, have one that doesn’t match the rules. The same applies if you are only following this habit 70% of the time, so 7 times out of 10. If you want to see further progress this needs to increase to 80% and then 90%.

What Can I Piggyback Off Of?

Look for events you can use as a reminder to eat every 3-4 hours: after your morning coffee, getting to work, after your workout, getting home from work, when an alarm goes off on your phone, whatever you want. Just pick a pre-existing habit to use as your reminder.

TO DO: Create your personal version of the habit to commit to this challenge!

Here’s a template:

I am 90-100% confident that I will [insert habit] for 6 days a week after I [insert what you're going to piggyback off of].

Here’s an example:

I am 90-100% confident that I will eat every 3-4 hours without snacking for 6 days per week after I set reminders on my phone. P.S. Don’t worry about making this perfect.

This means choosing foods that are as close as possible to their natural state.

When we talk about eating for nutrition and good health, I mean good, real, whole food. I’m taking about single ingredient foods that have grown in the earth and haven’t been manufactured or processed in a factory.

Avoid fast food and processed items as much as possible. That’s because most of these products are devoid of real nutrition. They are packed with sugars, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and other man made chemicals. 

Who actually feels good eating this stuff anyway? Not me. I don’t feel they offer me any health benefits. In fact, they lower my health and make me feel like the ‘old’ me. Now that I understand that I actually create the experience of my entire life by what I eat.

Knowing which foods to eat and which foods to limit should be something everyone knows about, right? But shockingly, this isn’t the case, and so many people know very little about the nutrition of the food they are eating.

Society on the whole is getting fatter, sicker and unhappier, and poor nutrition is a key factor. Overeating, along with the consumption of over-processed foods, is ruining people’s health.

This is why eating single ingredient foods is such an important habit to focus on. Making the correct food choices is a must if you want to support your goals.

win this habit

We want real food

One of the nutrition world’s favorite arguments is that of ‘quality’ vs. ‘quantity’ of food intake. When it comes to changing bodyweight, quantity is an important factor. But high performance people want a lot more than just weight loss!

For us, quality and quantity of our food is equally important. We want to understand why some foods give our body the energy to power through intense workouts, whilst others leave us lethargic.

Throughout this habit you’ll learn how to make the best food choices, in both quality and quantity, for your time, money and environment.

win this habit

When I first learnt about the benefits of certain foods (and the lack of nutrition in processed foods), I took it to the extreme. I cut out all processed foods and drastically limited any man-made products.

I essentially tried to live on meat and vegetables alone. This was a bad diet! And it threatened my relationship with food.

Today, I have more respect for lifestyle balance. I realize that we create a better relationship with food by maintaining an inclusive diet, over an exclusive one. This approach is much more sustainable in the long-term.

By restricting my food choices, I created an on-going mental battle. We are constantly surrounded by processed foods and food advertising, making it increasingly difficult to avoid temptation.

That’s why I’ve encouraged you to use the 90% rule and keep some processed foods in your diet. This ensures you develop a diet that focuses on being inclusive, rather than good vs. bad food.

A great advantage of this style of eating is having the options to eat a wider variety of enjoyable foods.

Good food. Delicious food!

You’ll never lack key nutrients, nor send yourself into a spiral of cravings that only a large pizza and chocolate dessert will satisfy.

You will also find that even when you do fancy a change from the typical weekly menu, you choose healthy and nutrient packed options.

The best bit? We can eat for both nutrition and enjoyment. Eating whole, single ingredient foods doesn’t mean you are confined to boring and bland chicken and salad meals.

We want real food. Good food. Delicious food!

Meals bursting with flavor and packed with the nutrients your body needs.

Not sure how to maximize real food in your daily meals?

We are always caught up in our busy routine that it would be much easier to grab processed and packaged food. Better yet, just swipe up that fast food app 😆

But the thing is, it is actually not really hard start eating real food. We just need a complete plan laid out for us. But most of us don’t have the luxary to sit down and plan it all out.

Here at Sihatologi, we have designed a perfect guide for you to eat delicious real food which you can prepare by yourself at home – easily.

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