Trying to eat healthier but feeling really bored unsatisfied not fulfilled not excited with your healthy meal plan?​

be healthier and lose weight by

Eating delicious and healthy meals now!

It is a well known fact that healthy meals makes us feel amazing! 

Not to mention helping us lose that unwanted fat along the way. 

Unfortunately it is always linked to being boring, bland and tasteless. 

It shouldn’t be that way – Just look at those pictures!

Healthy meals should look and taste amazing.
Transform yours today!

Eat better, they said.
You'll be healthier, they said.

And then they left us hanging on how to eat better and gain the health benefits that it promises.

So we end up eating that sad bland salad bowl for most of our days.

We feel unsatisfied, craving increases and feel hungry all the time. We start to believe that our healthy diet transformation is really difficult to achieve and start to give up. 

We end up going back to our unhealthy ways. It is a vicious cycle!

you don’t need to be a chef! you just need a simple but complete guide.

Cooking delicious healthy meals is for everyone to enjoy.

healthy recipes

Prepare and cook delicious healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks with our healthy recipe guides.

You’ll be amazed how easy, delicious and fulfilling your home-cooked meals could be! Your family and kids will definitely like it too.

No more cravings for processed food and it will help you make this journey easier. 

Introducing our delicious and easy healthy recipe guides!

complete guide

For each recipe, a complete guide of ingredients needed and step by step instruction provided. You don't need to take a cooking class to start cooking these healthy delicious recipes!

Meal plan

We do not only provide recipes, but we help you plan your week with our meal plan suggestions built from the recipes given. From breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks - you'll never ask the question of 'What to eat?' ever again!

shopping list

The best way to eat better and spend less is to go to the grocery store with a plan and a list. A complete shopping list for the weekly meal plan is prepared for you in this e-book. You'll prevent yourself from going to the junk food isle too!

Complete nutritional info

For each recipe, the amount of calorie, protein, fat, carbs and fiber per serving is given to help you plan according to your requirement. Each recipe is also readily available in My Fitness Pal app database to make food tracking a breeze!

easy to refer

Our e-books are in PDF format which is pretty much compatible with almost all electronic device. Store the file in your phone, tablet or PC for easy reference anywhere you go. Imagine being out of ideas on planning what to cook while buying groceries - just access your e-book in your phone and you have all the inspiration you need!

Take a peek inside!

Complete Guide

All the information you need in just one simple page. From ingredients, instructions, nutritional info and also My Fitness Pal barcode. 

Meal Plan Suggestion

Based on all the recipes, we provide meal plan samples for you to follow or tweak to make your own.

Shop with a plan.

No more going round in circles at the grocery store. Prevent yourself from buying unhealthy food too. Shop with a plan with our shopping list provided according to the weekly meal plan.

Myfitnesspal Integration

Just scan the barcode provided or key in the code to enter your food diary on the widely used food tracking app.

Guiding you all day long

Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks and Dinner. All the recipes you need to eat healthily all day long.

Good News!

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Free Monthly Healthy Recipes

With any e-book purchase, you will be given the option to receive our amazing monthly FREE 10 healthy recipes newsletter which will be reminded through your email address.

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We provide 4 editions

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40 Five Ingredient Recipes
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Helping even the busiest person to eat healthier with these simple and delicious recipes.

high protein recipes

52 High Protein Recipes
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Lose weight and gain muscles with these delicious and fulfilling high protein recipes.

40 Low Carb Recipes
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For people whose looking into lowering your carbs,
these recipes will not make you miss carbs ever again.

vegetarian recipes

58 Vegetarian Recipes
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These recipes will surprise you on how easy and delicious it
is to add more veggies in your meals.

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Really helped me to choose healthier meals. At the same time I can change menus so that it wont be boring. There is a lot of recipes and it helped me achieve my ideal weight.
verified owner
E-book that really helped me in my journey! Complete with ingredients and step by step guides. Calories and nutritional value is provided too. I can enjoy my meals without worrying about my calorie intake. The best and recommended!
verified owner
Really helpful. Lots of healthy recipes to try. May you be blessed and thanks for the knowledge ya!
Sara L.
verified owner
Really good! Simple recipes and easy to prepare. Suitable for busy people.
Noor Atikah J.
verified owner
Best. Because it guides you from shopping list to food preparation.
Liyana Mohamed
verified owner
Interesting recipes even with low total calories.
verified owner

Take a peek inside one of our e-books

Look into the meal plans, shopping list and recipes provided so you know how the e-book could definitely be beneficial for you.

pdf format

Compatible with almost all electronic device for easy referance.

Complete guide

From shopping lists, meal plans, ingredient list and easy to follow step by step guide.

All Day long

From breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. We got you covered!

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*All e-books are given a 14-days 100% money return policy if the product is received not as we described it to be. This return policy is only applicable once per user for the first purchase only and restricted to a strict 14 days period after date of purchase. Once refunded, you’ll stop getting access to the download link, free library and monthly free recipes. Contact us for any inquiries.


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Losing weight is not a simple equation. There are multiple factors related to each other and every person has different needs. However, healthy eating accounts for the main effort for a better health and weight. This e-book may help you tremendously in that domain.

Sihat means health

In Bahasa Malaysia (Malaysian Language), sihat means health. By adding the prefix -ologi (Malay term for -ology) to the word ‘sihat’ – we aim to provide as much information to help you understand the study of being healthy. We strive to simplify and continuously provide you with evidence based and easy to follow healthy lifestyle advice so that you wont be confused with the abundance of misinformation nowadays. These e-book series is one of our effort to achieve that. 

Sihatologi.com is managed under Sihat Digital Media, a level 3 Biztrust accredited company by the Companies Commission of Malaysia – SSM: RA0058342-D. Sihat Digital Media is pioneered by Dr. Kushairi Zuradi, a medical officer in Rehabilitation Medicine.

Dr. kushairi – sihatologi.com

Aimed to help you eat better

As a medical officer in Rehab, my patients are mostly stroke, IHD and amputee patients which majority of them are caused by uncontrolled non-communicable diseases. I have seen my patients neglect their own health by not focusing on better nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. This e-books are aimed for all of us - including me, to eat better and gain a better quality of life as we grow older. Let be healthy, together!

Easy referrence

Designed to be compatible with almost all digital device. Our e-books fits into your phone or tablet where you can bring along wherever you go especially to groceries store or by your side while cooking.

Delicious and easy recipes

Healthy eating needs to be easy and delicious. These two components will make you keep going consistent and making it a lifestyle. Our recipes delivers both!

Continuous guides

A one-time purchase gives you a continuous access to a free library and new healthy recipes updated monthly!

Still Not Convinced?

Download this free sample e-book just to see if our recipe guides is something that you will love.

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